What Are Some Features of E2020 Education?


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Features of E2020 education include direct instruction, individualized study plans for students and the use of digital notebooks for note taking. It also offers on-demand feedback and integrated online content that ensures greater learner engagement.

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E2020 education provides summative assessment, which consists of random tests that students take to assess whether they attained a lesson’s objective. The E2020 coursework features tasks that are relevant to the subject area, which allows students to learn argumentative, narrative and analytical writing. It also incorporates practical examples to help students apply the course material in real-life situations. Learners also get to choose from hundreds or elective and core courses.

Through direct instruction, certified teachers present lessons through video lectures. Translated into 18 languages, the instructional videos include transcripts and captions to promote understanding. Other facets of video instruction include simulations, graphics and animation. During homework practice, a learner receives additional support thanks to a teacher-tutorial that E2020 offers.

E2020 learning involves the use of eNotes, which allow students to take notes in a digital notebook. Individualized study plans allow teachers to create optional curriculum to cover content that students have yet to master. Students access on-demand feedback, a feature that provides them with immediate feedback and lets them track their performance. An integrated platform for providing media content, which is compatible with tablets, supplements the content and lets users engage with course material and apply concepts they learn.

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