What Features Can Help Determine If an Online Education Establishment Is Reputable?


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Reputable online education programs have legitimate accreditation. It is necessary to check the accrediting body, however, as some are not recognized by academics or employers. Reputable online education programs should also have transferable credits, sufficient support services, and high graduation and retention rates.

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Educational institutions that are accredited have been reviewed to ensure that they offer a quality education. Accrediting bodies usually look at instructors, coursework, facilities, and supplies to determine whether to grant accreditation. Only some accrediting bodies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council of Higher Education, and it is important to pick a program that is accredited by one of these organizations. Reputable online education programs also award credits that can be transferred to other schools. If credits cannot be transferred, it is a red flag that other schools do not view the program as sufficient.

Furthermore, good online education programs have great academic and career support services for students. Since students are learning online instead of in a classroom where they could ask questions of the instructor, they may need extra help understanding the information. The best programs are also invested in their students' success, so they have good career support and high student retention and graduation rates.

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