What Are Some Features of the Aleks Math Program?


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Features of the Aleks math program include adaptive learning technology with personalized learning, 24/7 access, progress monitoring from the Master Account, compatibility with multiple devices and self-paced instruction with immediate feedback. The program is adaptable to public schools, home schools and tutoring, and it also prepares students for standardized tests.

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Subscribers can get unlimited online access to the program on their desktops, laptops and tablets. As of 2016, Aleks math program options cover different subjects, including Pre-Algebra and Introductory Algebra, Introduction to Geometry, Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Combined, College Algebra with Trigonometry, and Introduction to Statistics.

The program's adaptive learning technology is able to recognize skills and weaknesses of the student and adapt the subsequent material to individual student needs. Upon completing problems, the student gets immediate feedback as well as detailed explanations of solutions for problems with incorrect answers. The program is self-paced to enable students to move at their own speed. Master Account access enables parents and teachers to view student progress and identify problem areas.

The program material prepares students for AP, SAT and ACT exams. Aleks math option for home school families covers grades 3 through 12, and school teachers can use Aleks math either as a supplement to the curriculum or as a research-based core program.

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