What Are Some Features of AIU's Virtual Online Campus?

What Are Some Features of AIU's Virtual Online Campus?

Some features of American Intercontinental University's virtual campus include online classrooms, customizable course content and access to constant technical support. The campus also provides a variety of ways to stay in contact with course instructors and other students, according to AIU's Online Education portal.

The AIU virtual campus includes online classrooms that can be accessed by students anytime, anywhere and from any device such as a computer or tablet. This constant access allows students to view course content whenever it is most convenient. These online classrooms also feature interactive lessons, individual and group projects, professor-led group chats, deadlines and to-do lists to track course assignments, according to AIU Online.

AIU's virtual campus also allows students to customize course content to fit different learning styles. Students can choose to access course content by reading articles, listening to lectures or watching videos.

Students can also contact course instructors and fellow students using discussion boards, live chats and email. Students have constant access to discussion boards and live chats, and they can view who else is online and available to talk. Students also have constant access to technical support provided by AIU.

AIU's online campus also features a digital library that students can access anytime. This library provides access to ebooks, trade journals, interactive materials and videos, and many other reference materials.