What Features Does Accelerated Reader 360 Offer?

What Features Does Accelerated Reader 360 Offer?

The Accelerated Reader 360 program offers educators the opportunity to assign non-fiction reading material to individual students or groups of students. The program also allows for easy assignment and digital grading of activities that accompany these informational texts. This program is an upgrade to the general Accelerated Reader program.

The program was designed to accommodate the shift in focus from works of fiction to non-fiction texts that was brought about by the transition to the Common Core standards. The program aims to prepare students to read texts of greater complexity, cite evidence effectively, and synthesize responses that pertain to two or more related or unrelated texts.

To begin using this add-on program, teachers must first create groups. Teachers first select Instructional Reading from the Renaissance Place home page. By hovering over Manage and accessing the drop-down menu, the teacher can create a group. Once the teacher has created the group, the students can join by hovering over the Manage icon and selecting Join Group.

Teachers can add content from a pre-populated content bank, or can import more current content from various Internet sources including Youngzine and Associated Press.

When teachers select content from either the pre-populated list or one of the linked sources, they can also add assignments to assess students' understanding of these texts. The selected assignments are automatically assigned to all students in the group.