How Does the FASTT Math Next Generation Program Work?

The FASTT Math Next Generation program works by implementing adaptive technology that offers a individualized learning path for each student. The program begins with an initial math fact assessment that tests a student’s basic math skills and establishes baseline math fact fluency. The 10-minute initial assessment helps the program identify specific areas in which a student needs improvement. The program offers access anytime from anywhere.

The FASTT Math Next Generation program includes many interactive and engaging games, including 12 math fact fluency games and six STRETCH-To-Go games. The STRETCH-To-Go games feature fun and challenging tasks based on more advanced Common Core State Standards. The instructional software uses a fact tracking grid system that helps students track performance and determine the skills that need to be sharpened. The program also offers immediate corrective feedback for incorrectly answered questions.

The student dashboard displays the performance stats and learning progress of each student. Students gain access to new screen designs and progress trackers as they succeed and gain higher math fact fluency. Educators can use the math program to monitor progress of students. Snapshots of performance data and standard data help teachers make corrective intervention. Real-time access to important data allows educators to plan necessary instructional changes.