What Are Some FASTT Math Games for Kids?


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Some FASTT Math games for kids include "Mud Monkeys," "Bubble Fish," "Slime Time," "Reptile River," "Soccer," "Dance Off," "Spring Bloom," "Cool Blast," "Farming Game," "Electro Ball," "Fast Cars" and "Light Speed." All of these games are part of FASTT Math's Next Generation software, designed for kids to gain fluency.

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FASTT Math's STRETCH-To-Go software contains more math games for kids, including "Sushi Monster," "Speedy Swap," "Secret Escape," "On Par," "n-Bot" and "FACTory." These games are designed to create individualized learning progressions for kids, which are based upon their performance. Kids' challenges increase in a way that is appropriate to their skill levels.

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