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FASTT Math is a program by Scholastic that helps students master fact fluency, which is the ability to recall math facts quickly. FASTT Math helps students master fact fluency in all four operations, which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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FASTT stands for Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching and Technology. This means that the program uses technology to help students automatically and fluently recall math facts. FASTT Math begins with a fluency assessment, which tells the program which facts a student does and does not know. This ensures that the student is spending time on facts that he needs to learn.

Using information from the fluency assessment, FASTT Math teaches the student a few new facts each day. The student practices those facts, along with already mastered facts, by playing one of the program's 18 games. As the student plays these games, the program is able to determine if the new facts have been mastered.

A fact grid is used to keep track of mastered facts, beginning with the initial assessment. The computer highlights all the facts the student knows and continues to fill in new facts as they are mastered. The student uses this grid, along with the student dashboard, to see his progress. The student dashboard also shows how many fast facts, focus facts and study facts the student has, a line chart that displays the student's progress from week to week and a bar chart that shows how much time is spent on the program each day.

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