What Is the Fastest Way to Learn Spelling Words for a Spelling Bee?


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Strategies to study quickly for a spelling bee include obtaining the official list of words for the bee, learning hard to spell words, memorizing spelling rules and studying Greek and Latin roots. Effectively studying for a spelling bee involves more than just memorizing word spellings.

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One of the most useful tactics to study quickly is to consult the official word list for the spelling bee. Spelling bees of all levels, from city to county to region to state, generally provide official lists of words to participating schools. These lists change each year, and studying the current list is the most effective strategy for preparing for the bee.

Concentrating on particularly difficult or commonly misspelled words is another practical study choice. Many books and websites offer lists of these words, which serve as effective study aids. Howcast recommends seeking out books and lists from the E.W. Scripps Company, a sponsor of the National Spelling Bee.

Memorizing different spelling rules can also give contestants a better chance of succeeding. Knowing rules increases the possibility of spelling a word correctly, even if it’s unfamiliar. Brushing up on Greek and Latin root words can also offer an advantage in a bee. Words from these languages form the basis for many English words, and asking for an unfamiliar word’s language of origin is allowed at most spelling bees.

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