What Are Some Fast Ways for Kids to Practice Math?

What Are Some Fast Ways for Kids to Practice Math?

Math toss, math with dice and online games are some fast, engaging ways for kids to practice math, along with traditional tools such as flashcards and speed drill worksheets. Incorporating math activities into everyday life also helps children practice and strengthen their mathematical knowledge.

Math toss is an effective small-group or classroom activity, but it also works with just two children or a parent and child. The player with the ball calls out a math fact and throws the ball to another player. The player catches the ball, states the answer and calls out another fact as he throws the ball to another player. Continue the game for one minute, five minutes or until the players tire of it.

Use a pair of dice to practice basic operations with digits between one and six. Roll the dice, and then add, subtract or multiply the two numbers as quickly as possible. Challenge kids to answer 20 problems in less than a minute, or keep score and play until someone gives a specified number of correct solutions.

Online math games offer an entertaining way for kids to practice math, and many games are timed for fast practice sessions. Each level in Math Run takes less than a minute to complete. Players must quickly determine if a given math fact is correct or incorrect before the equations reach the top of the game board to progress to the next level.

Sharing, shopping and cooking are all excellent times to incorporate some quick math practice. Ask children how they can share 15 new pencils between five people, or calculate the cost of buying four bags of chips that cost $3 each. Enlist the help of children to double or half the ingredients of a favorite recipe.