What Are Some Fast Math Games for Second Graders?


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CoolMath-Games.com features dozens of online math games suitable for second graders, including "Math Man" and "Crazy Taxi," which test addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. BigBrainz.com features the downloadable game "Timez Attack," which requires players to answer timed addition, subtraction, multiplication or division questions to defeat monsters.

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"Math Man" requires players to add and subtract two-digit numbers and remember multiplication tables to move a Pac-Man avatar through a maze. In "Crazy Taxi," players drive a race car through an obstacle course involving multiplication times tables. CoolMath-Games.com also features games involving fractions and arithmetic with money.

To play "Timez Attack," players answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division questions by typing the correct response on a keyboard within the short amount of time permitted. "Timez Attack" is available for download from BigBrainz.com for Windows and Mac systems.

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