How Does the Fast ForWord Program Work in Schools?

The Fast ForWord literacy program works in schools by using a series of interactive programs to help students increase familiarity with grammar rules, word choices and reading comprehension. The program operates in a short but intense sequence to help students increase literacy levels quickly and efficiently.

The basic concept behind the Fast ForWord program is to implement observations from various neuroscience studies on the ways in which the brain is able to retain and process new information to create an advanced training program for middle school and high school students. The system includes multiple interactive training programs, each of which focuses on different aspects of the English language - specifically reading, writing and speaking - using the interactive nature to reinforce the concepts. The activities function as mental drills that help the students form associations and retain the knowledge quickly.

For example, one activity called "Star Pics" teaches vocabulary and pronunciation by playing an audio clip of a voice saying a word then presenting different images. At the basic level, students see four different images and must choose the one that correctly matches the word from the audio clip. By engaging the visual and auditory learning centers of the brain through an interactive experience, the students are able to learn the material at a faster rate.