What Are Some Farsi Words?

Some basic Farsi words and phrases are "dorood," which means "hello"; "bedrood," which means "goodbye"; "moteshakkeram," which means "thank you"; and "Esm e choma chistand," which translates to "What is your name?" More Farsi words are available on Easy Persian, which offers a series of online lessons.

Farsi, or Persian, is the main language of Iran and is also widely spoken in Afghanistan, along with parts of Tajikistan, Pakistan, Russia and other countries of the region. As of 2015, there are around 60 million native Farsi speakers and 50 million second-language speakers. Farsi is divided into three main branches: Eastern, Western and Tajiki. It is related to languages such as Kurdish and Urdu.

As an Indo-European language, Farsi is typically easier for English speakers to learn than, for example, Arabic or Turkish. Basic grammar and pronunciation are similar to European languages, though it is written with a modified form of Arabic script that has four additional letters. Tajiki is instead written using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Farsi is the modern descendant of the Avestan language. It has one of the oldest literary traditions of the world, and ancient works of poetry were written in Persian as far away as Southeast Asia. Clay tablets found in present-day Iran are some of the oldest known writings in any Indo-European language.