What Are Some Fancy Handwriting Fonts?


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Fancy handwriting fonts, also known as calligraphy fonts, include Respective, Blessed Day, Kings and Queens, Arizonia and Great Vibes. Arizonia and Great Vibes are available using CSS and HTML code. Many other handwriting fonts can be downloaded free for personal use from distributors such as FontSpace.com or 1001FreeFonts.com.

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Some of the main features of fancy fonts are extra ornamentation, curves, brush or pen strokes, and flourishes. Curlicues, slants and line shading are also used to add distinction and definition to these fonts. Because of these added visual features, most handwriting fonts can be difficult to read if used as body text, so it is best to save them for emphasis and design elements. However, these fonts can be useful for shorter text sections where style is more important than legibility. This includes such uses as invitations to fancy dances or weddings, birth and engagement announcements, or prize certificates.

Some apps offer fancy fonts for the interfaces of phones and other portable devices, but legibility is also a concern for these uses. For users who are well-accustomed to the locations of buttons and features on their phones, this may not be an issue. However, less well-oriented users may find it frustrating.

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