What Are Some Famous Quotes From Older James Bond Movies and Books?


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One of the most memorable James Bond quotes comes from "Goldfinger," when female crime boss Pussy Galore introduces herself. Upon hearing her name, Bond simply responds with "I must be dreaming." Another popular Bond line comes from the movie "Moonraker" between the secret agent and a female counterpart: "Miss Anders, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on."

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A known womanizer, the majority of Bond's more popular lines involve the opposite sex. In the movie "You Only Live Twice," when Bond is told by his ninja trainer Tanaka that men come first in Japan and women come second, he jokingly quips that he may just retire there.

The British spy has another turn at a good quote when his dancing partner in "Thunderball" ends up dead from a gunshot while on the dance floor. Not wanting to draw attention to himself, Bond places her in a nearby chair, asking the table occupants if his date can sit the dance out because "she's just dead."

Most of Bond's well-known quips and one-liners were delivered by actor Sean Connery, who portrayed the famous spy in six films. The only other actor to play 007 as often as Connery was actor Roger Moore.

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