What Are Some Famous Quotes About Happiness?


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One example of a famous quote about happiness is "Happiness depends upon ourselves," by Aristotle. Another example is "Happiness can exist only in acceptance," by George Orwell.

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The quote by Aristotle implies that happiness is not dependent upon outside circumstances or the actions of other people. Instead, it depends on one's own beliefs, thoughts and actions. This is a very common theme in quotes about happiness. Aristotle was a Greek scientist and philosopher. His works comprise the first Western system of philosophy.

George Orwell's quote implies that one can only be happy when everything in life is accepted just as it is. This means that nothing is judged, condemned or deemed as out of place, and everything is seen as perfect exactly how it is in the moment. George Orwell is a pen name used by the 20th century author, Eric Arthur Blair. He is well known for his books "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and "Animal Farm." His works contain prose regarding the awareness of social injustices, opposition to totalitarianism and praise for democratic socialism.

Another famous quote about happiness is "Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be," by Abraham Lincoln. This is another quote that implies happiness is dependent upon an internal state of being.

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