What Are Some Famous Quotes About the Death of a Child?

What Are Some Famous Quotes About the Death of a Child?

One famous quote about the death of a child is, "There's no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were." This came from President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

American author and university professor John DeFrain talked of the far-reaching consequences of a child's death. He said, "The death of a baby is like a stone cast into the stillness of a quiet pool; the concentric ripples of despair sweep out in all directions, affecting many, many people."

British theologian Richard Hooker said, "Think of your child, then, not as dead, but as living; not as a flower that has withered, but as one that is transplanted, and touched by a Divine hand, is blooming in richer colors and sweeter shades than those of earth."

Irish poet and philosopher C.S. Lewis talked about a mother's grief for her child and their lost time on earth. He said, "If a mother is mourning not for what she has lost but for what her dead child has lost, it is a comfort to believe that the child has not lost the end for which it was created."

Famous British playwright William Shakespeare wrote about the loss of his child in one of his many poems. He wrote:

"Grief fills the room up of my absent child,

Lies in his bed, walks up and down with me,

Puts on his pretty look, repeats his words,

Remembers me of his gracious parts,

Stuffs out his vacant garments with his form."