Are Fake Online Certificates Such As Diplomas Legal?


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As of September 2015, people purchasing counterfeit or doctored diplomas are not breaking any laws or participating in any illegal matters. They are paying for fake credentials at their own discretion, notes the National Consumer Advocacy Commission.

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However, the business of selling these fake documents is being challenged, and the laws are evolving to prohibit the ability to sell false diplomas. The job market may be difficult to enter as the world changes, but experience and education are always valued and necessary to allow certain skilled professionals to get the jobs they earn and deserve. The acquisition of false diplomas from nonaccredited schools causes a mismatch between untrained workers and the appropriate-level jobs, and causes further disruption in the job market even if buying a degree is not necessarily illegal, according to the National Consumer Advocacy Commission. Employers who are savvy to the technology world specify in their application system that only degrees from accredited universities and colleges are considered.

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