What Are Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a Major?


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Aspiring college students need to consider several factors when choosing a program major, including the length of education, access to the major at a particular college, the cost of the degree, potential career options and alignment with passions. Career aptitudes and conversations with college admissions staff can help in selecting the right major.

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A college education is an investment. Majors can vary in terms of length and cost. A traditional bachelor's degree takes four years to complete, but some schools offer five-year programs where students can earn both a bachelor's and a master's. Some bachelor's degree programs may take students more than the conventional four years based on course and practicum demands.

If a student is limited to a local school or only gains admission to certain schools, that student would have to select a major available. If marketing is of interest, but that program isn't available, the student may opt for a related business major.

Marketability of a major and passion for the field are significant factors for many students. Students often want to know whether they can expect to find a job and make a reasonable income with in a degree field. Someone passionate about childcare may opt for an early childcare education program based on that passion.

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