What Are Factors Affecting Learning?

CNC Concepts, Inc. reports that the five major factors that go into creating a positive learning environment are motivation, aptitude, presentation, repetition and practice with reinforcement. These factors allow educators to work efficiently and students to learn at their maximum potential.

The Learning Research and Development Center reports that there is also a strong social context to learning which has a powerful impact on the various factors behind successful learning. The Center also explains the necessity for a focus on teacher-student interactions, help-seeking, classroom social dynamics and technology as important factors underlying learning. CNC Concepts, Inc. simplifies the factors of learning by categorizing them into the five aforementioned categories. The organization describes motivation as the most important factor in learning, as it is the driving force that keeps students engaged in the curriculum and eager to learn for their own benefit. Aptitude is the level at which each student is able to perform, and it is a strong indicator of how quickly learning will take place. The organization explains that aptitude can increase or decrease dependent upon the other present factors of learning and especially upon the educator's ability to keep a student of low aptitude consistently motivated throughout the learning process.