What Are Fact-Finding Techniques?


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There are five primary fact-finding techniques that can be used in investigative situations from homework help, to analysts in professional fields.These five primary fact-finding techniques are background reading, interviewing, observation, document sampling and user involvement.

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Background reading is the first fact finding technique and it involves reading material that helps build an understanding of the subject. For professional analysts, background reading can help them get a deep understanding of the company that they are studying, as well as the people who work in the company. It can help them to learn more about the way that the company runs by reading documentation and business objectives for the organization.

For students, background reading provides a context for their learning. Most students are given new information on a constant basis, particularly when they get to higher learning levels. They need to have a context and a knowledge base that can help them create an understanding around the new material that they are given. Students who do not have enough background knowledge of a particular place or time period, may struggle with learning new things. When studying, students should take the time to do background reading on subjects to help with context and to help them locate facts about the subject matter.

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