How Does an EZ Grader for Teachers Work?


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The original E-Z Grader interactive chart lets teachers view a student's grade based on the number of questions answered incorrectly. The teacher slides the back portion of the chart to match the number of problems in the test, and the lower part of the chart reveals the percentage grade.

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The total number of questions goes up to 95 on the back side of the E-Z Grader chart, and the number of questions answered incorrectly goes up to 34. The grader comes in a variety of colors including blue, pink and yellow. Large-print versions are also available, but the number of test questions only goes up to 70 while the number of incorrect questions goes up to 30. An E-Z Grader chart gives teachers more freedom to use any number of questions rather than only those whose grades are easy to compute, such as 25.

EZ Grader is also the name of a tool available from the Microsoft Store as of 2015. The EZ Grader app helps teachers find a grade percentage based on the number of questions students answer correctly or incorrectly. The teacher inputs the total number of questions, selects from Correct or Incorrect mode, and specifies the appropriate number of answers to see the percentage on the screen.

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