How Do You Get Extra Credit?


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Students earn extra credit by performing work that is above and beyond what is normally expected as part of the class curriculum. Extra credit provides an opportunity to enhance the learning experience of the course, and it allows students to accumulate points toward the overall course requirements.

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When creating or completing an extra-credit assignment, there are tips that both students and teachers may want to follow. Students may want to ask for extra credit even if the teacher does not normally assign it. If the student is the one who proposes the extra-credit assignment, he should propose one that reflects his strengths as well as the theme of the course.

If possible, create an extra-credit assignment that assists in helping students study for a future assignment that is included in the regular class curriculum, such as an exam, paper or project. Treat extra-credit assignments like regular assignments in terms of due dates. Teachers who provide extra-credit opportunities should provide them to everyone in the class. Set clear standards for the extra-credit assignment. Let students know when the assignment is due and the requirements of the assignment. Make it clear how much the assignment is worth, both in terms of the individual assignment and its contribution to the entire course.

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