What Are Some Exploratory Essay Examples?

Some examples of topics for an exploratory essay are "Does divorce have a negative impact on families?," "Is organic produce better than non-organic?" and "Should cloning humans be banned?" An exploratory essay focuses on answering a question rather than proving or disproving a thesis.

An exploratory essay is not one of the more common types and, therefore, some writers may find this style of writing challenging. This type of essay starts with the writer posing a problem then, through his research of the topic, answers the question and solves the problem within the essay.

There are three main parts to an exploratory essay: the introduction, body and conclusion.


The introduction of an exploratory essay defines the question at hand. The writer should explain the problem and its importance as well as summarize his ideas on how to solve the problem or answer the question.


In the body of the essay, the writer adds some more background information to the question or problem. He analyzes different points of view and solutions, then proposes what he believes is the best solution or answer.


The conclusion references the introduction of the essay and the main question. The writer uses the conclusion to summarize his answer and explain his thoughts about his final decision.