What Are Some Experiments Offered Through Science Kids?


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Some experiments offered through Science Kids include finding out the temperature at which chocolate melts, how to determine lung capacity, how to make an egg float in water and making a volcano from vinegar and other items. Each experiment is designed to use items commonly found in the home and classroom and are geared toward children of all ages.

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On the Science Kids website, kids can perform an experiment to tell them whether an egg is boiled or raw by learning how each acts when it is spun. Children interested in weather will enjoy making a tornado in a bottle to learn how cloud rotation happens and younger children can make fake snot using chemistry.

Some experiments are very simple and use a minimal number of items such as the bending straw experiment, which only uses a straw, some water and a glass. Other experiments are more complex, such as the microscope creatures experiment, which uses a microscope and water samples from different locations.

The experiments listed on the website are not age specific, but under each one, parents and teachers will find short descriptions to help them determine for what age the experiment may apply. To read more about a specific experiment, click the link provided.

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