What Are Some Exotic Italian Baby Names?


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Some exotic Italian baby girl names are Alessandra, Aria, Luciana, Bianca and Vita. Some exotic Italian baby boy names are Marcelino, Gianni, Luca, Maurizio and Salvatore.

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Alessandra, which is derived from the Greek Alexandros, means "defender" or "protector." Aria translates to "air" and also has musical connotations. Some alternative spellings are Arya and Ariya. Luciana, which is the feminine form of Luciano, comes from Latin for "from the light." Bianca means "light" or "fair." Some alternative spellings include Bianka and Byanca. The English version of Bianca is Blanche. Vita comes from Latin and means "life." One variant of the name is Vitalina.

Marcelino comes from the Latin Marcellus, which means "hammer." The name is often associated with being a warrior or fighter. One variation on the name is Celino. Gianni, which is the equivalent of the English name John, is a shortened version of Giovanni and has biblical connotations. Luca means "light" and is sometimes spelled Lucca. The English equivalent is Luke. Maurizio comes from Maurice, which means "dark" or "dark-skinned." The English version of this name is Morris. Salvatore comes from the Spanish Salvadore, which means "savior," "rescuer" or "deliverer" and is often used in reference to Jesus Christ.

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