What Are Some Exercises That Teach Children How to Write in Uppercase and Lowercase Letters?


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Exercises that teach children how to write using uppercase and lowercase letters include sentence swaps, creating a calendar and writing labels for household items. Sandpaper letters are another method to teach children how to recognize and write both types of letters.

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A sentence swap activity is a good classroom activity, as it requires a group of children. The teacher separates the children into small groups, and each child writes sentences on index cards with capitalization mistakes. Groups then swap index cards and underline the capitalization mistakes on the index cards they receive.

To create a calendar, the child writes the days of the week and the months. Next, the child writes out common holidays while the teacher explains which words start with uppercase letters.

To write labels, the child writes the name of a household item on a sticky note and then places the note on the item. If the item has a brand name on it, the child should include that as well. The teacher explains to the child that brand names are proper nouns, which means the first letter is uppercase.

With sandpaper letters, the child traces the shape of both uppercase and lowercase letters. This helps the child learn the letters and how to write them. To enhance learning, the teacher can start by saying the letter's sound as the child learns it. Then, the teacher asks the child to pick up a specific letter, such as a lowercase "l." Finally, the teacher shows the child a letter and has the child both write the letter and say its sound.

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