What Is an Excuse Letter for College?

excuse-letter-college Credit: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

An excuse letter for college is a formal method of explaining a student’s past or future absence at school. It is typically prepared by someone in authority, such as a parent or guardian. If the main reason for the absence is a medical condition, a doctor’s certificate is often necessary.

An excuse letter is written in a clear and concise style, and it contains well-organized information. It is often written from a word processor or also by hand. The date on which the letter is written or handed over is included on the top right or left corner. Below the date is the addressee, which is the name of the person that the letter addresses. It also includes the complete address of the person writing the letter. This person is usually the student’s parent or guardian. An excuse letter provides a subject wherein the student’s name, reason for absence and date of absence are mentioned. In the main text, all important details are listed, including relevant dates and additional action that needs to be taken, such as a missed exam, project or assignment that the student failed to take due to absence. The letter is concluded with appropriate salutations and the authority figure’s signature. If the absence is due to an illness that lasted more than three days, a medical certificate explaining the nature of the illness and required medical care will serve as evidence.