What Are Some Exciting Experiments for Kids?


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Exciting and fun science experiments for kids are floating eggs, vinegar volcano, glowing water, fake snot and dry ice bubble. Additional exciting experiments for kids include ice cube magic, floating ping pong balls, gravity free water, static electricity and tornado in a bottle. These science experiments are easy to conduct and require items that are simple to obtain.

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The tornado in a bottle experiment requires four items, including a clear plastic bottle with a cap, dish liquid, glitter and water. Fill the bottle up with three quarters of the way with water. Add several drops of dish liquid, then a few pinches of glitter. When this is complete, put the top on tightly. Hold the bottle by the neck and turn it upside down. Rotate it in a fast circular motion. When this is done, a small tornado should be spinning inside.

To make an egg float, several materials are needed, such as a tall drinking glass, one egg, salt and water. Fill the glass half the way with water and then add six tablespoons of salt. Stir the salt in and lightly pour plain water until the glass is almost full. Carefully lower the egg into the water and watch it float.

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