What Are Some Examples of Written College Reports?


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Examples of written college reports include informal lab reports, short memo reports and formal reports. Report-writing is most often utilized in the disciplines of science and engineering.

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The purpose of report-writing is to describe research methods and findings and explain the results. In a college setting, a lab or short memo report allows an instructor to check a student's work. These types of reports should begin with an introduction to the project, a description of the materials or tools the student used and a discussion of the procedures and methods. The body section should include an evaluation of the data, and the conclusion should discuss the results of the project and the student's recommendations.

A formal report follows the same structure as short reports but includes a few more organizational elements and details. A formal report should utilize a table of contents, headings and subheadings to organize information. A writer should also be sure to explain each part of the formal report in detail, including the problem she worked on, the procedure she used, the results in the same order that she discovered them, the conclusion and her recommendations. The report should move from general to specific, making the most important information easiest for the reader to find.

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