What Are Some Examples of Writing Performance Objectives?

An example of a writing performance objective is a terminal objective that describes knowledge or skills a learner acquires over a pre-determined period of time. Some other examples include employee performance objectives which describe the actions an employee performs to meet his job requirements or quarterly performance objectives, which highlight internal goals for the overall production of a company.

For a terminal performance objective, first identify the outcome to be achieved. Use situation analysis to identify any actions needed to overcome any current obstacles that prevent one from reaching his goals. Identify any gaps that exist between the person's immediate ability and the results identified in his objective. Make intermediate objectives or enabling objectives which break down the main goal into smaller steps. Explain the purpose behind the choice of objectives, such as increasing production or maintaining grades or ratings.

Create SMART goals, or "Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timeline" goals. These goals are meant to spark real results, make them as understandable as possible, and allow an appropriate amount of time to achieve them. Ensure each objective relates to a relevant performance measure. Setting a deadline for achieving the objective gives the person the ability to organize or schedule each step to achieve the goal. Identify any consequences applied if the objective is not met on time from the beginning of the reporting period.