What Are Some Examples of Writing?

examples-writing Credit: AAGAMIA/The Image Bank/Getty Images

There are four basic types of writing styles: descriptive, persuasive, expository and narrative. Each writing style serves a purpose in telling a story or providing information to the reader.

The goal of all writing is to convey a message, and the style an author chooses is often dictated by the information being shared. Descriptive writing describes events, people and places in detail. The writing can take the form of either poetry or prose and often invokes the senses to help convey the information, according to the Literary Devices website. Descriptive writing exists in most genres of literature.

Persuasive writing is the art of swaying the reader to agree with the point of view of the writer. The writer attempts to craft a stance that appeals to the audience and convinces readers to take the side of the author.

Expository writing is similar to persuasive writing in that the writer attempts to lead readers to a point of view. However, the writer does not include his personal opinions in the writing. Instead, he presents all possible sides to an issue and allows his readers to draw their own conclusions.

In narrative writing, the author uses a character to tell a story. The story can be either poetry or prose and is used in biographies, novellas, novels and short stories.