What Are Some Examples of Words Used in Verbal Manipulation?


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Specific words that indicate verbal manipulation are hard to identify, but there are verbal actions to look out for such as name calling, yelling, screaming or swearing. Other tactics used in verbal manipulation include using words to shame a person, using intimidating threats and blaming the victim.

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In relationships, any type of negative name calling is not appropriate. Most of the time, negative name calling is obvious, but constant criticism is a similar and more veiled attempt at putting someone down. Using words that are mocking, critical and sarcastic are also degrading forms of communication. Any type of threat, even one said jokingly, should not be taken lightly if it causes a person to change their behavior or be on guard around the other.

Blaming the victim is a method in which the person gets angry and then blames someone else for their actions. Dismissing another person's feelings is another form of verbal manipulation. This is typically done when the antagonist doesn't want to take accountability for their words or actions.

When dealing with verbal manipulation, it is important that people realize abuse is never justified and that it is not the victim's fault. One way to stop the manipulation is to set clear boundaries with the manipulator on what is deemed as acceptable communication methods.

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