What Are Examples of Wording for a Thank-You Card?

What Are Examples of Wording for a Thank-You Card?

A thank-you card should begin with a greeting and then move on to thank the person for the specific gift. It is a good idea to include how the gift is being used, displayed or enjoyed. The close of the card should restate thanks for the person's generosity and end with regards.

The following is an example of wording for a thank-you card:

"Dear Uncle John and Aunt Susan,

Thank you very much for the beautiful silver photo frame you sent me for my birthday. I have it displayed on a shelf in our living room. I put a family photo in it that we took while on our vacation in California. I think of both of you whenever I look at the frame. Thank you again for your generosity. I am looking forward to seeing you when you visit this summer.

Love, Jane."

When thanking someone for the gift of money, the thank-you card wording should include something about how the money will be spent. An example of this might be: "I have been saving up for a new bike, and I plan to add the money you gave me to this fund." Regardless of the gift, the most important aspect of any thank you-note is that it is heartfelt and sincere.