What Are Some Examples of Valedictorian Speeches?

Examples of a good valedictorian speech share fond memories of the students' school years and gratitude for the teachers and institution. A valedictorian speech should stay brief, about 10 minutes or less.

A good valedictorian speech usually contains a few common components. The speech starts out with an introduction and greeting to all present at the gathering, usually acknowledging key members of the staff and administration. The speech generally includes a statement about the occasion and the threshold the class is about to cross by graduating. The speaker may also express recognition and gratitude to the faculty and can single out teachers or instructors who played a big role in the class' success.

Next, the speaker shares some memories of the special occasions and school life throughout the year. If any classmates or staff members have passed away, the speaker should include recognition of those individuals here and maybe discuss achievements that members of the class had throughout their school careers. The speaker may present personal memories and anecdotes to connect with the audience. This also adds some emotion to the occasion. A valedictorian speech normally concludes with some remarks about wishes and hopes for the future as the young adults embark on their next journey.