What Are Examples of Third-Grade Work?


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Third-grade math students work on comparing and ordering numbers, division facts and word problems to 10, multiplication facts and word problems to 12, units of measurement, and two-and three-dimensional shapes. Third-grade language arts includes sentence types, pronouns, synonyms, subject-verb agreement, adverbs and adjectives. The focus of third-grade social studies is communities; how people relate to one another and to the environment. Investigating and presenting answers to scientific questions is also common work for third grade.

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A typical third-grade division word problem describes a situation in which an organization is purchasing lapel pins to hand out to visitors at the fair. It establishes the budget they have to spend on the pins and the cost per pin. The student is asked to determine how many lapel pins the organization can distribute. Third graders learn about the metric system of measurement and how to compare and convert customary measurements, such as the number of tablespoons in 1/4 cup or the number of pounds in 4 tons.

As they study communities, third graders begin to discuss how and why certain societies came to be, why one city has a higher population than another, and how boundaries are established. Third-grade science typically includes the use of scientific instruments such as microscopes and scales, and the presentation of scientific data using graphs and diagrams. Third graders engage and report on observations of the physical properties of objects and the impact of various forces on direction and motion.

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