What are examples of theoretical perspective?


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An example of a theoretical perspective is the functionalist perspective in sociology that assumes maintaining order is the central problem of a society and all the parts of a functioning society contribute to this order. Theoretical perspective is a way of looking at something and understanding it based upon a set of assumptions made by a scholar in a particular field. Theoretical perspective in academic study is important, as the assumptions that make up the theory help to maintain the discipline of a field.

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Every field has a set of theoretical perspectives that are generally considered to be pertinent to the current state of research in that field. Other examples of theoretical perspectives in sociology include the conflict perspective, interactionist perspective and ecological perspective. In the field of psychology, examples of theoretical perspectives include the behaviorist perspective and the psychoanalytic perspective.

There are many theoretical perspectives that maintain an important position across a number of definitions. The feminist theoretical perspective analyzes a particular event, society or product based upon a set of assumptions that takes into consideration the way that gender roles work in society. Another example of an interdisciplinary theoretical perspective is the Marxist perspective, which considers economic factors when analyzing a particular situation or event.

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