What Are Some Examples of Themes for Creative Writing?

Some themes that are often explored in creative writing include coming of age, good versus evil, and the struggle for survival. Themes help writers develop stories and characters that have greater depth. Themes usually exist beneath the plot and are incorporated into the development of the story, its setting and its characters. For example, a major theme of "Macbeth" is ambition, as the entire plot revolves around characters trying to advance their goals by any means necessary.

Creative writing can tackle multiple themes at once, and this can often make for more compelling stories. For example, a story of a person surviving in the wilderness against all odds may contain themes like survival, alienation and isolation. Working with these themes can develop the character, since the writer can ask fundamental questions related to themes, such as: what is this person willing to do to survive, and how is she going to deal with being isolated from society?

Betrayal, deception and jealousy are all major themes that can produce creative works. A simple love story may not be very interesting to read, but a story that centers around a secret betrayal and the efforts to cover it up is much more promising because it uses more interesting themes.