What Are Some Examples of Swahili Names?


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Some examples of Swahili names are Haji, Mosi and Mwaka. Other examples of Swahili names include Maskini and Simba. In many cases, Swahili-speaking people give their children names specific to the conditions surrounding their births.

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Swahili names that are indicative of a specific time period in which the child was born include Haji and Mosi. Haji is a name given to both males and females that means "during the month of pilgrimage to Mecca," and is therefore reserved for children born during that time. Mosi is another unisex name that means "first in your family" and is given only to the eldest child in a family. Mwaka is another unisex Swahili name that means the child was born at the beginning of the farming season.

Maskini and Simba are two examples of Swahili names that convey the parents' feelings about their child or their position at the time of the child's birth, physically, emotionally or financially. For instance, Maskini, which can be used for a boy or girl, means "poor" and is a name given to children by parents who are in a dire financial situation. On the other hand, the male name Simba means "lion" and is indicative either of how the parents feel about the child or their hopes that their child grows up to be great and powerful like a lion.

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