What Are Some Examples of Student Case Studies?


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Some examples of student case studies include studies for students with learning disorders, such as dyslexia or dysgraphia, and students with behavioral or mental disorders, such as AD/HD or autism. Some case studies focus on social or language topics, such as students who are bilingual and use school programs for tutoring or single parent students.

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No matter the purpose of the case study, an example of a good student case study is one that thoroughly researches the subject and the problem or challenge, proposes solutions likely to be successful and discusses why the case study is or is not effective. Creating a template during the study provides guidelines to follow when completing the written document. This makes the document easier to read and gives the writer a consistent flow. A good case study also incorporates a title that stands out and catches a reader's attention.

Early in the case study, the writer details the problem or challenge facing both the student and the education system and what the focus of the study is. This includes the cause of the problem or the background of the student, the effect it has on those involved and the theory behind the approach. Once a problem is identified, the writer discusses possible solutions or applied solutions that are successful. It is important to include the exact methodology needed to employ the solution.

The study ends with a section about the benefits of the study. This includes how it affected the student, the family, the teachers or the institution, and how it affects any other students coming into the program at a later date. A good study incorporates facts, numbers and photos where needed, or a comparison between the performance at the beginning of the study versus the end of the study.

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