What Are Examples of a "speech to Inform"?

A "speech to inform" is an informative speech and is made in order to provide details and data about a particular topic, such as cancer, animals, hybrid cars or botox. The topic, unless there is a theme, can be about anything as long as the presenter offers detailed information, including facts and statistics about the topic.

A presenter might choose a historical topic, such as the history of German Shepherd dog breeding, or a scientific topic, such as DNA formation. Other topics include tsunamis, lasik surgery, dreaming, history of makeup and cyber security. Presenters can choose controversial topics as long as they avoid submitting opinions and only submit proven data.

To give an informative speech, a presenter should begin with an introduction. This introduction should use an enticing fact to draw the audience in and then inform them directly of the purpose of the talk by stating the topic. Then the presenter should move to share with the audience why this topic is important and state his or her thesis statement. From here, the presenter should move into the body of the speech.

The body of the speech should have at least three main points with subpoints. Each point should reaffirm the thesis statement delivered in the introduction of the speech. Then the presenter will end the speech with a conclusion that summarizes the information presented while offering a suggestion or advice on how best to continue learning more about the topic.