What Are Some Examples of Short Text Messages Expressing Love?

examples-short-text-messages-expressing-love Credit: Innocenti/Cultura/Getty Images

Short text messages that express love include "Are you free for the rest of your life?" and "Can I have your Picture? I want to tell Santa exactly what I want." HerInterest.com recommends sending short text messages to a partner that are flirty, romantic, silly, spicy and cute.

Some short texts that express love use emojis. A winking face expresses flirtation, while a message such as "Good morning" paired with a smiley face communicates a bubbly personality.

An example of a short text that expresses love for students is, "Homework or me - take your pick." Another example is texting, "I have a problem with my homework." The response is usually, "What do you need help with?" The original texter then replies, "I can't stop thinking about you."

Love can be expressed in short text messages by showing the recipient that they are missed. Messages such as, "Wish you were here!" and "I can't believe I'm missing your basketball game tonight. I know you are going to be great and I know you are sexy doing it!" are good choices.

Married couples can also send short and loving text messages. For instance, say, "Remember our wedding night? Let's recreate it."