What Are Examples of Free Short-Term Memory Tests?

What Are Examples of Free Short-Term Memory Tests?

Free short-term memory test are available online from sites including MemoryLossTest.com and BrainMetrix.com. Many questions testing short-term memory require test takers to look at images or letters, and then in some way indicate what they remember. For instance, the short-term memory test at MemoryLossTest.com directs users to press the space bar when an image is repeated in a series.

The short-term memory test that has users press the space bar when an image is repeated assesses how fast the test taker presses the space bar, if at all. According to the site, a good response is 90 percent accurate with timing being greater than 1,000 milliseconds for pressing the space bar.

A similar example of this memory test comes from BrainMetrix.com. In this test, the computer screen shows eight purple rectangles. After users start the test, some of the rectangles turn yellow for a short time. When the rectangles are purple again, test takers indicate which turned yellow. The test progressively gets harder as users successfully complete each level.

BrainMetrix.com also includes several memory techniques with the recommendation that test takers utilize them during the test.

Washington University has two examples of memory tests. The version for adults flashes letters onto the screen for three seconds. Test takers write down the letters they remember after they've disappeared. For children, Washington University has several game-like memory tests, such as the game Memory and an adaptation of Simon Says.