What Are Some Examples of Sentences Using Adverbs?


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Some examples of sentences using adverbs include "The dog approached carefully" and "She was slightly late." Adverbs are words that modify verbs and adjectives in a sentence, specifying how, how often, when or where something is done. The position of the adverb depends on the type of word it modifies. For example, when an adverb modifies a verb, it is often placed after that verb, however, when it modifies an adjective, the adverb is usually placed before it.

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There are multiple types of adverbs, including adverbs of manner, time and place. Adverbs of manner are a common type of adverb, and they are usually formed from adjectives by adding –ly. For example, the sentence "my dad is a careful driver" can be transformed in an adverbial sentence by making the adjective "careful" into the adverb "carefully." The resulting sentence is "My dad drives carefully."

Adverbs of time are not derived from adjectives, and, as their name suggests, they emphasize the time when an action takes place. Some common adverbs of time include words such as "today," "yesterday," and "sometimes." Some examples of sentences using adverbs of time are "I saw Tom yesterday" and "I sometimes eat breakfast for dinner."

Two of the most common adverbs of place are "here" and "there," and they specify a location relative to the speaker. The sentence "The table is there" exemplifies their use in context.

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