What Are Some Examples of Sentence Starters?


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Transition words are some of the best examples of sentence starters. There are words to show contrast, such as "although," "however," "besides" and "conversely." Other words show consequence, and examples of this type include "because" and "as a result." Words showing emphasis include "above all" and "admittedly."

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What Are Some Examples of Sentence Starters?
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Some sentence starters to use to introduce a subject include "this essay discusses," "the key points discussed" and "in this essay." Examples of sentence starters used to conclude a subject are "in brief," "to sum up" and "to summarize." There are also examples of sentence starters that are often used to add ideas, and these include "equally important," "subsequently" and "also." Start a sentence with words such as "similarly," "likewise" and "in the same way" when comparing and contrasting ideas.

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