What Are Some Examples of School Map-Making Projects?


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Examples of map-making projects for school include different types of three-dimensional maps. Other options include neighborhood, historical and population maps that students make in the classroom.

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What Are Some Examples of School Map-Making Projects?
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Three-dimensional maps are a method for students to represent topographical maps. Students make salt dough and mount it onto cardboard in patterns that represent the topography of a country. They then paint the map to indicate levels of elevation, typically with red for the highest and green for the lowest, with yellow in between. These maps also provide tactile representations of the country.

Students can adapt 3-D maps to different projects. For instance, they could make a map shaped like a dolphin to indicate the animal's habitat. Another option is to use layers of painted cardboard to create a 3-D map.

Teachers can use map making as a culmination of several lessons. For instance, they could start with a story that features several locations. Next, they teach the vocabulary and symbols related to maps. Finally, students can use this knowledge to display their understanding of the story by making a map.

A related activity is for a historical map. For this project, students study the history of an area and create a map of the important events.

A relatively easy map-making project is related to population. Students study the population density of an area. They create a map of this area and then indicate population density by gluing pasta onto the map.

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