What Are Some Examples of Safe Electrical Science Projects for Kids?


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Examples of completely safe electrical science projects for kids include rubbing a balloon against the head until it causes hair to stand up (a result of static electricity, which is harmless) or using a Squishy Circuits Kit to make play dough that can be used to build a simple circuit; the latter can then be used to drive a motor or light an LED. Anything requiring the building of a circuit should always be supervised by an adult, although the balloon experiment is both safe and easy to demonstrate.

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Other simple but effective projects can be built using everyday household objects. A pencil resistor circuit is a great example of how electricity is used to make electronics work, and the science behind it applies to a huge range of modern devices. The project entails making resistors from everyday pencils and then using them to show how resistors affect circuits and current flow. This project can be successfully made using a fairly safe low voltage, although adult supervision should always be in place.

Another safe and simple experiment consists of demonstrating the varying qualities of materials related to conductivity. Kids can experiment with using different objects to complete a circuit, and in doing so, they learn about conductivity.

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