What Are Examples of Risk Taking?

examples-risk-taking Credit: Daniel Milchev/Stone/Getty Images

Risks range from being inconsequential to potentially deadly, such as going on a blind date or parachuting out of an airplane. Some people have self-destructive personalities and are drawn to dangerous risks such as stealing, using illegal drugs or driving while intoxicated. Others enjoy healthy risk-taking behavior, such as starting a new business, traveling to exotic locations, or auditioning for a role on television.

Risks are actions taken with no assurance of the outcome. They generally offer the potential for some type of material or intrinsic reward to the person taking the risk. If the risk does not work in the person's favor, he may experience personal loss, danger to his safety or some form of harm. Calculated and safe risk-taking is considered healthy behavior and is a key component for people in developing a robust sense of self-esteem.

Being excessively risk-averse or risk-prone are both risks in themselves. People who do not take enough risks in their lives because they are afraid to fail are jeopardizing their psychological and emotional health in the long run. Alternatively, individuals who repeatedly expose themselves to risks that pose an extreme threat to their lives can be exhibiting underlying psychological issues that need to be addressed.