What Are Examples of Repetitive Phrases?

Some common repetitive phrases include "past history," "true fact," "free gift," "future plans" and "revert back." Other are "close proximity," "added bonus," "unsolved mystery" and "unexpected surprise," as noted by PR Daily. Daily Writing Tips suggests that writers avoid phrases like "absolutely certain," "add an additional" and "consensus of opinion."

Other frequently seen redundant phrases include "few in number," "final outcome," "foreign imports," "forever and ever" and "major breakthrough." Common sayings are often redundant, such as "still remains," "written down" and "therapeutic treatment." PR Daily also notes that "completely full," "each individual person," "invited guests," "my personal opinion," and "join together" are redundant and repetitive in nature.

Further common repetitive phrases are "12 noon" or "12 midnight," "sum total," "still continues," "firm in consistency," "predict in advance," "on a daily basis" and "period of time." These phrases are seen to include redundancy because one word or aspect of the phrase embodies a concept already integral to another word or aspect of the phrase. For an example, consider the term "invited guests." Guests are inherently invited; this is what makes them guests as opposed hosts or other designations. "Guests" is a sufficient descriptor, and the additional word "invited" is therefore redundant.