What Are Some Examples of Questions on the Reading Counts Quizzes?

A sample question from the Reading Counts quiz on the book "Kipper's Snowy Day" is, "Kipper ___ shaped like himself." Answer options for the blank include "built a snow fort," "made holes," "spotted a cloud" and "saw a tree."

Reading Counts quizzes assess students' recall and knowledge, as well as their ability to summarize and to discern cause and effect and sequencing. Reading Counts quizzes include assessments of vocabulary and the ability to identify information within the text, including both main ideas and details about characters, setting and plot.

Students participating in Reading Counts programs take quizzes containing 10 questions selected from a pool of 30 questions. Depending on the technology available at schools, quizzes may be administered electronically or in paper-pencil format. Computer-based quizzes are randomly generated from the question pool, such that three students in the same class may take quizzes containing entirely different questions.